January 20, 2009

Say Hello to Presidente

I hope everyone that watched this historic inauguration enjoyed it.

Where was I?

...I got hungry *shrug* and went for lunch...and pretty much missed the whole damn thing. I'm a little mad but mom recorded it, maybe she can describe it to me in detail.

Man, I've been drinking it since Friday, but this Obamaid is soooo good. I went into the Culp Center (pretty much our watering hole) and saw people sitting near the info desk just watching the two flat screen TVs--one on CNN and I think the other on CSPAN?--and they were just spellbound. It was great. I stood there against the desk as well and watched the man speak and just thought, "Wow."

With the fevered McCain support here you'd think they would be throwing shit at the screen, but for the second time since I've been back in school ETSU surprised me! Oh and my Af.Am history teach was somewhere in those thousands/millions.

And then I broke a nail and all my happiness evaporated. I hate the universe.

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