January 4, 2009

Random comic art post

Bleh, I wanted to do a comic book art post...well, I'm trying to distract myself a bit from a, uh, heavy post I want to do later--and I am actually going to go through with it, hard as it is. Hu-siiiigh. So we can stick this in the "....What?" and the "Oh god do I get sued?" category for now.

Furthermore, if you do continue to read, I apologize for any large images that mess with your screen. I'm bad at this.

So anyway, a couple of days ago I found myself looking at the art of one Adam Hughes. If you're thinking, "Who the hell is Adam Hughes?" well, for starters he was the man behind that little Mary Jane Parker statuette scandal a while back.

If that doesn't jog your memory or you flat out don't/didn't care, you may just be in luck with this post because I'm just going to kind of ignore that for the time being. Mostly because I'd have to get into a whole set of issues with comic book art that will have to be saved for more articulate scholars, or at least for another day.

Anyway, I have no idea how I wound up viewing his art (as usual, I didn't mean to), but I've discovered that I actually really like his girlie art. And by "girlie art" I mean his super heroines. He managed to combine the bold lines & flowing movement of art nouveau and old school pin up art in a way that I'm immensely jealous of.

I don't know if I've ever mentioned but pin up art is my weakness. It just is. I've loved it since I was young :'D Especially older greats like Elvgren (I actually have a book of his work on my tiny bookshelf) & Vargas. Not so much pin up photos or live pin-up girls, but drawn art. Also not necessarily female work (even if it's preferred) but remember guys can be pin ups too :D

But back to Hughes. As I said, he manages to use color & that good ol art nouveau use of shape & movement with pin up poses and just makes it WORK as comic art.

Obviously this dude's not just some random amateur I lucked up upon, he's rather well-known in comic circles. Also, his Power Girl makes me LOL.

I do hate the little play he does on his initials there. His initials are "AH". What sound does a sheep make that rhymes with...? Also, I'm not that fond of his Wonder Woman...I honestly think its the hair throwing me off so severely I can't think straight.

Yeah. Whew, I got that out of my system. Alright, I promise an actual post where I talk about...issues & shit.

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