January 22, 2009

Hawk and Dove

Gather round kids, it's movie time!

*people cheer; I look down on floor and briefly wonder where these kids came from*

Like that one teacher that never bothered with a damn lesson plan, we're going to watch an episode from the Justice League Unlimited. I won't rest until I can afford the DVD sets in the highest quality, but until then I'll make due with Youtube.

For one, if you haven't heard about the Justice League you need to ask someone, preferably your best friend. JLU is the follow up to 2000's Justice League, with more super heroes, more badassness and slightly better writing--which makes sense as it comes from the crew that brought you the Batman and Superman animated series, THE LIKES OF WHICH WE WILL NEVER SEE AGAIN.

...I love you Bruce Timm.

Anyway, this episode is called Hawk & Dove, which not only stars the oft-not-really-thought-of heroes Hank & Don (aka Hawk & Dove), but also deals with war and pacifism. I think this episode shown about 2004 and even though it doesn't have to be taken politically, I can't help but think it was the crew's way of letting folks know how they reeeeeally felt about the Mideast conflict.

But anyway. Don't act like you don't wanna watch cartoons.

Part 2
Part 3

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