January 29, 2009

"Dealing" with ignorance

Ignorance (ig·no·rance (ĭg'nər-əns))

n. The condition of being uneducated, unaware, or uninformed.

-American Heritage Dictionary, via Dictionary.com :'D

I think, more or less, we can all agree on that definition of ignorance. If you have something different in mind, please let me know, it might help me with what I'm about to say...

Well, you may or may not remember this angry post, really a commentary on a post Danzy did with my own thoughts.

I did a little copypasta to my Facebook because that's what I do sometimes. I just think it's nice to help my friends be more aware of how I feel and what's going on outside their little boxes. [Edit: Hopefully that link works and, just in case you think I'm playing with folks, you can follow the continuing adventures and the descent into utter entropy.] A lot of times my race-related posts go without much incident and I assume my friends either hate me for the duration of the post, or just don't read them. That's alright either way, actually.

Then I get this response to the above post. Dan, I think it's time for a tag-team.

"well as jesus once said "the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few".....or was that startrek? anyway it doesn't matter who said it. I'm trying to say deal with ignorance. It is better for the world to have everyone be slightly ignorant than for everyone to be all knowing. Deal with the ignorant, because you are too.(don't take this the wrong way, i probably know more about being tall than you do, but at the same time you know more about being short than i do) If you find it too hard to do so, just watch a comedy from the BBC, no one can be angry while watching a BBC comedy(i think it be illegal for their comedies to not be hilarious)"

A) It was neither Jesus nor Star Trek that said it first
B) Uhh, what?

Well, after reading that response, I looked over the original post. Then I looked at the sample I copied. I think I'd only omitted a few non-critical words so...is there some communication breakdown going on here? I even linked to the damn original, it's there in soft baby blue in contrast with the black text of the rest of the post (though there's still a chance he might have missed it, even if I REFERENCED the damn thing).

He's not asking me to deal with ignorance as in "Geeeet 'im!" as I usually do. He's asking me to put up with bullshit, which is certainly NOT what I do. And why? Because I'm ignorant too. Well I don't know where I claimed to have all the answers, ever. Of course I'm ignorant about some things. We all are. But that's not a goddamn excuse!

This is 2009. It was a different age at some point, where we didn't have blogs or even the internet for mass info. We had newspapers, magazines, books, printed media. Maybe back then you had a bit of an excuse to be ignorant, and if for whatever reason you chose to stay that way, even more so. But regardless information still traveled and spread. But let me tell you. This is not the year to sit there and remain ignorant. You can't and by damn I'm not going to sit there in my own little bubble and act like it's ALL OKAY just for the good of the masses. THE MASSES BE DAMNED.

And with all this running through my mind, I deemed that this fool is either joking. He has a chance to prove he is, or he can just get the fuck off my Facebook. I'll show him how we "deal" with ignorance up in this piece, and it's not by sitting on our hands and smiling vacantly at the ceiling.

And now I have flown off the handle, and am tired again. Take my calls.

Edyt: After a few posts of arguing back and forth (not so much arguing as me being dumbfounded), we finally get some truth:

I disagree with the notion that ignorance is better for the world than knowledge. Ignorance is DANGEROUS. Plain and simple. I would just like you to pick up a history book and see how many people have DIED due to ignorance. And don't think society is too advanced not to kill over it. Tell me is it better for the world to know that a disese is caused by germs or to think that Jews caused it so lets just wipe them out? And with that I shall leave you with one of my favorite quotes:

"Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity." -Martin Luther King Jr.

I think this discussion is done.


  1. You have to see the continuing adventures on the actual note itself -_- some people just can't leave well enough alone...


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