December 9, 2008!

Copy-pasted from a Facebook note. You guys already know how much I hate my damn state.

Thinking about your next semester classes? Trying to get all those hours in? Let's not get to hasty there:

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - Starting next fall, students at colleges and universities across the state may have to pay more in tuition thanks to a change made by the Tennessee Board of Regents.

The Board of Regents has approved a switch from a pay-per semester plan, to a pay per class system.

My favorite part is this:

The switch will actually reward part-time students - since they currently pay the same semester rates. Board Chancellor Charles Manning admits the plan hurts full-time students, but believes the plan will bring some students back to school.

Because this ignorant motherfucker just totally missed the point.

The point is, college is expensive now. End of. For some of us, it's VERY expensive. Why the fuck are we "rewarding" part time students while making full time students--and, actually, anyone who wants to take college in the first place--suffer?

Tennessee, don't ever wonder why we're so high on the "Duuuurr" scale.

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