December 20, 2008

Oh look kids, they're trying to stop gay marriage...again

Well, it's not exactly news anymore, but look at the Yes on Prop 8 group trying to void gay marriages...still.

Group seeks to void gay marriages
A US group opposed to same-sex marriages has asked the California Supreme Court to annul thousands of gay marriages held in the state this year.

In a November referendum, voters backed Proposition 8, a measure to amend the state constitution to define marriage as between a man and a woman only.

Ah, sometimes America just embarrasses me. Let's all make a collective ~_O face.

So anyway, let me get this straight: it's perfectly okay to void thousands of once-legit marriages and deprive a whole group of people of a basic civil right.

This thing over gay marriage just gets more and more inane. I still can't for the life of me see the big damn deal over letting a guy and a guy or a woman and a woman get married. Please, pull off whatever damn wool is over your eyes and be fucking REAL for a few seconds. I mean really real.

You've heard the arguments against gay marriage right? Most of them are either A) Religious in nature and amount to nothing more than "Bible sez" or B) They're just fucktarded loony. Okay so maybe those belong in the same breath...

As I stare at my bowl of rice I just wonder...wonder of the future generations who will look back on this century and also try to figure out what, exactly, America had its damn panties in a bunch about. We already look at the horrors of the past and wonder how our ancestors slept at night; now our children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren, I feel, will probably look back on us and wonder what the fuck was up and how WE slept at night, all comfy and cozy in our beds knowing that we just stripped a whole group of people from a basic right for essentially no damn reason.

Obviously my vision of the future is rather utopic though.

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