December 8, 2008

My head runneth over

It's already been an interesting week, in my head. You see, I get to go home Thursday. But in the face of that I have deadlines and class schedules to fix and tests to take in the meantime SO.

In my head, I've written about 10 blog entries and I'm in January already. Eesh! For once I have so many things I want to talk about and I'm actually trying to figure out how to articulate them--like me and my dad, a couple of movie reviews, some mythology to discuss (I swear it will be me) ...So so so much stuff and so MUCH time but so little ability to do it all!

My little PSA ad was so serious by the way, as most of the week I've been dehydrated from lack of fluids--not even just water. I'm about to do a women's health post, I think I'll start with that topic because living on a girl's floor in a coed know, female health just tends to come up. Especially with my room mate who seems to be confused on some issues...I just want to know why we still won't talk to our girls about periods and why girls feel like they can't talk to any one about their periods, especially when something might be WRONG damnit.

Yeah yeah lots of foreshadowing...I'll be back to explain.

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