December 30, 2008

It's like killing a mockingbird isn't it?

DAMN if this movie don't make me sob like my cat just got run over *weep weep*

Okay so I sat down and watched To Kill a Mockingbird for bout the thousandth time. This is just one of those movies I never get tired of and one of those books I never get tired of. I remember reading it way back (well, not that far back) in 9th grade. Like most students I don't much appreciate forced school reading, but something just...stood out to me with Mockingbird.

Well, I'll admit it didn't totally at first. I credit my teacher with, for the most part, just letting us read the book, not giving us fifty-levin quizzes on it every night on each chapter. We talked about it in class, did some exercises of course, but for the most part we either read it in class or at home, discussed, then we watched the movie. It was probably the most pleasant school book reading experience I've ever had.

Anyway, as I said the book didn't stand out to me completely at first, I think it's mostly because the first few chapters are a little slow. But as it got closer and closer to the big court scene and our discussions got quieter and quieter (as they kinda tend to do with race, for some reason, but we were only like 14-15) I started realizing, "Heeeeey~ there's way more going on in this book."

Oh yes indeed there is plenty going on in this book. It's not just racial inequality, but injustice as a whole; gender roles; family values; children and innocence; prejudice; hell, I even suspect Uncle Jack might be gay. It's such a beautiful book and probably one of the few books I'd read more than once (I have this thing about reading books more than once, I can't stand it except in rare occasions). My mother actually asked if I wanted it for Christmas...I thought about it. The reason I declined is because I know that if I read it again I'd probably bawl my eyes out and that is most unbecoming *gets tissues*

Oh and the movie. Well, aside from Gregory Peck being more bad ass in death than most people can aspire to being alive (Clint Eastwood will also hold this distinction), the film is also great. The testimony scene with Brock Peters and Peck's closing statement made my vision go strangely blurry *tissues again* I...don't know why...hold on a sec...

Uh, anyway. I guess I was just feeling nostalgic and I'm always strangely excited when I manage to come across movies on TV as they're beginning. I...really don't know why, I take pleasure in such little things.

And after that, I think I'll watch Maverick since it's also on. I'd like to blame this on my father who has to be one of the biggest fans of westerns if I ever saw one, but I don't think he much liked Maverick. I think that's just me...he's a Rifleman & Have Gun Will Travel guy. Pssh, whatever, between the two of us we have some bad ass taste.

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