December 5, 2008

Final exam blues

So, that fateful day in every college student's life has come for me: final exams. Winter tests. Finals. End of semester tests. Elongated quizzes.

ALL of this things and yes, by the grace of Jeebus I am actually studying because I think I'd cry if I got one damn C-. Just ONE.

So if you see any brief posts simply reading "Gaah! fafnjfaa" and they're gone again, and you wonder "" or I drop off into gibberish mid-sentence, it's just me head meeting me keyboard.

I'm actually not all that stressed, honestly, I just trust that I won't totally fuck up and fail. At this point I think I can honestly certify myself as Veteran Damned Test Taker and give myself a medal, apparently I'm better at this than some 2nd & 3rd year students. Not to brag or anything, it's not that I'm super crazy awesome great test taker--my ACTs show that is a LIE--but I just don't stress over exams for some reason *blink* stressing isn't going to help me remember shit.

But, don't worry, I don't plan on making bout eleventy-hundred posts about my anguishes and what not. Not school wise anyway, wait until you hear about my goddamned money woes.

On a good note, I do get to go home Thursday and I ain't comin back for a few weeks. Yippee! I suddenly love Christmas.

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