November 21, 2008

Que nieve! Que...irritating!

It's snowing out. It's been snowing sine last night! In Johnson City it's like a piddly offering but apparently everyone else has all kinds of black ice & slick shit going on. And school is NOT canceled!

I didn't expect it to do much but I get the feeling the weather is just beginning to show it's muscle. For instance, frankly its kind of warm out to be snowing and for a while the clouds agreed with me until 8 o'clock. Snow + wind...let's just say I was seriously fighting off snow in my face to get to the library.

There's a pretty good layer out but far as I can tell the streets are clear in my neck of the for my home town apparently it snowed over there too. Snow? In Nashville?! The end is upon us!

It's so quiet's like a damned ghost town in this piece. A lot of students live on campus but I think a lot more still live in places like Elizabethton or even Bristol & commute here from there, and like I said it looks like garbage AROUND JC so campus isn't exactly bustling...and dude, let's face it, I don't think any class is worth 20 degree weather and angry ass flurries.

Oh. On my sidebar I finally added a follower list thingmabob. I'm so hip now right? Right?

Me and the library need to get along real good today...


  1. Oh good. I started following you yesterday it said that i couldn't because you don't have a feed.
    I never seen snow before i bet its totally awesome.

  2. Weird. I just don't think about these things :P But there you go...

    Bleh, the snow didn't flex itself as much as I thought it would--yet--I do wish my pictures of it had come out better though. Eh, it's supposed to snow again tomorrow night, maybe another time... snow is awesome, the cold is so not.


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