October 29, 2008

Wheee! Write to Marry Day

I think I've already rambled off my feelings about gay marriage but too much is never enough eh? Eh? No? ...

I figure maybe I should start participating in these blogger events, at least unofficially. Every now and then. Maybe. I can't be all doom and gloom which is exactly what I've been lately *swirls fingers around head making the cuckoo sign*

Anyway, I will say that I'm still irate about these propositions that are supposedly protecting marriage. In Arizona, Florida, California...I think there's one going on in Connecticut right now. I will admit that marriage is still a really weird concept to me. I don't know why it has to be defined strictly as between a man and a woman, and why people are so damned adamant that it stay that way.

All that to say, yes, I do believe everyone should have the right to marry. Seriously. Whoever you want. I'm even thinking about throwing animals into the mix--you may not be right in the head but it's your right to be so!

I'm just kidding, marrying animals is too out-there for me. But gays, lesbian...transsexuals/transgender, whoever. It just boggles me mind as to why these groups cannot get married and have to settle for a civil union (or nothing at all) just because. Seriously, have you ever heard a good reason for not allowing gays to get married? Remember (if you're old enough or if you took a history class) when blacks couldn't marry white people? Or the races just couldn't mix period? What was the basis for that, eh, other than non-whites are inferior. We eventually sucked up to the fact that minorities aren't inferior--kinda, in a way. I wish we could just kinda-in-a-way suck up to our feelings about homosexuals. Isn't it sad? America can't get shit done anymore because we're trying to police who can marry who--ridiculous! And it's none of your business anyway.

But I digressed... a lot. I hope all the wonderful people of California, Arizona, Florida, and wherever else can get over themselves and realize they can't interfere in people's marriages and shoot these propositions down. It's just damned unnecessary and most of all it is UNFAIR and dare I say unconstitutional. It would be a great injustice if any of them passed anywhere...

And now it's 2:30 and I have class at...8. I better sleep...I'm surprised that was even coherent.

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