September 3, 2008

Yeeeah a profile pic!

Lawl. I finally found one that I liked!

I really have been trying to do a proper "profile foto" for a first attempts didn't take. And I didn't like those at all. But it worked this time!

As you can see that's...the top of my head. Few reasons for this:

1) I don't really like whole fotos of myself (except on Facebook I guess) because mah head is big
2) I love the look I'm giving. The whole picture is just me mean muggin' the audience for nooo reason
3) There was a random ass sombrero in the background that I cropped out. I think you can still see it. We have sombreros on the walls at home from the last concert me and mom went to ;_;

Uh yeah, so I have a decent one now. I miss those glasses. Where are those glasses?

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