September 13, 2008

My Dad, the Angriest Black Man

I love my dad. He's not perfect and he'll admit he's not Dad of the Century, but I love my daddy. He tries very hard and I know he loves me too.

My dad is also probably going to be sent to an early grave from stress, high blood pressure, and other shit he blames on me.

You see, my an Angry Black Man. A really, really angry one.

He called today and I was really happy because I haven't heard from him in a while! My dad tends to go on looong, looooooooong diatribes about nothing, just like his daughter. We both also have a shameless habit of rambling and getting all kinds of off-topic.

Anyway, my dad has that...that voice that just makes everything he says sound like he's incredibly pissed. He yells and gets excited & his blood pressure can literally sky rocket at the drop of a dime. He blames this on me because he gets mad at me a lot. I like to play head games with him (I'm a heel for that by the way). He also gets mad at these niggas down the street, these niggas over here, the White Man, these hoogies, those ying-yangs and anyone else.

So I tell him my legs hurt from all the walking I do on campus. My dad, overly concerned, goes on this long rant about how I need tennis shoes. He thinks the ones I have now don't fit right (he's kinda correct on that) and I need to go shopping--he asks if I know where the shopping malls are here. I say I don't just yet.

An hour of incoherence later he starts talking about how I need to learn my shoe size (wtf dad?) and how to measure my feet. We both have small feet but we're from the Flat Foot Tribe so we wear wide shoes.

All this later he gets back to asking me how I'm doing and he goes into Mother Hen mode. He's so cute when he's worried. Apparently I sent his blood pressure up again because he hasn't called me in some weeks (I told his ass to get a phone). When he doesn't see me/hear from me he literally assumes I'm dead and panics. Then he gets into fights and snaps on these fools for no reason. I've seen it happen and it's kinda...special. Uhh.

I could go on and on about how my dad is probably the angriest black man I know. This dude is like in his 50s so he's been through the injustices & the riots, lived them. Discharged from the Navy for health reasons (schizophrenia--I believe it). He's super-racist, unpredictable, a recovering addict, and nutty as an acorn. But he also cares for his kids and wants his family together, and taught his daughter that she didn't have to take shit from nobody--especially his crazy ass. He wants me to handle my BIZ-NASS properly and won't even call if he thinks he's interfering (even though he never is).

In all, hearing him made me really homesick :/ and I love him.


  1. He reminds me of how my dad used to be before a brain aneurysm scrambled his mind. He was an angry Irish Catholic.

  2. haha...sounds like my dad as well.

    "He's super-racist, unpredictable, a recovering addict, and nutty as an acorn."

    same age, same temperament, just an asian version.

    got you on my missle links. =)

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