August 14, 2008

I am the Mole

Hee, I'm so proud of my Blogroll...s. I'm officially reppin' black, atheist, ladies and queer. I just noticed yesterday! I found it amusing.

Let's see...I'm back to cult movies, slowly making my way through El Topo, which is fucking with my mind, and thinking about some more David Cronenberg. After seeing Videodrome I suddenly remembered, I love him. I was just mad at him about the Fly (STILL)--and not even mad at him, I think I was so angry at Jeff Goldblum I just freaked out and started hating everyone involved. He DOES that to me.

Um, back to the weirdness that is El Topo aka the Mole. The movie, by the way, is the story of a violent gunslinger in the desert and his travails *shrug* I haven't gotten to the end of the movie yet so I can't even begin to explain it coherently.

Alejandro Jodorowsky is one of those people you hear of and know about, but you've probably not seen any movies/books whatever by him. He's almost like "Yeah, that guy". I'm really not sure what made me download El Topo other than I'd heard of it and I like cult films, obviously. All I need right?

Shiiit, I wish I had been prepared. El Topo is a mindfuck-and-a-half. There's a coherent plot when you get down to it, and that's actually the worst part because if you want the plot, you have to dig for it. It's like stream of consciousness and it's sooooo...SURREAL (which, believe me, is the point). It's so artsy--in a good way mind--I don't think I can handle much more. Usually I'm just content to ride out whatever happens when it comes to surrealist films *shrug* but for this There's so much interesting symbolism and such interesting imagery that I simply must get to the plot to understand it better. It's one of those things you just kinda run to Wikipedia immediately after watching.

The movie is in Spanish and I was lucky enough to find English subs...some of the subs are a little off though. Either mistranslations or just bad Englishes--like at some point a man says to his slave woman, "Besa otro" or something to that effect, and the subs go "Kiss the other too!" and really a simple "Kiss the other!" would have sufficed...and there's a few more instances of subs just going overboard. Oh well, interpretations being liberal and what not I guess.

Hm, I start college next week. Well, week after next, but I leave next week. I'm thinking of just making a small list of movies I want to see before I go. And then make a new "watch when bored" list.

One day I'll just learn to read.

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