August 9, 2008

Fiction time again

At least I hope so!

First off, me and Microsoft Word 07 are really having some damn issues. I think I might just get rid of it and go back to 03. This is like too much grief ~_~ it's pretty neat superficially but on a working level it's just damn ANNOYING.

Maybe it's just me though...I've been having some stupid formatting problems suddenly *shrug* but enough of that for now.

I'm about ready to try this whole story posting thing again. I've sat down and gotten actually-actually serious about writing something and completing it. I've accomplished a few goals actually, including: Not getting ideas all mixed up, keeping things simple (I don't really need social commentary in everything, do I?), and keeping things relatively short. So here I go...

I don't have a concrete title yet (I'll think of one!) but the story I'll be posting over the next couple of days is pretty much my first venture into Sci-Fi. I like reading science fiction but I hate trying to write it--my mind doesn't work like that. I like science but I'm not the most technical person. I'd actually call this more just speculative fiction (yeah it's almost the same thing but...yeah :P). know, let's just call it sci-fi and not worry about particulars right now.

It's the story of Alex Lo, your ordinary Chinese-American living on the Continental Republic of the Americas. He lives pretty simply and comfortably, works a decent job and hangs out with his best friend Travis "Traveesh O'ctchnor" Smith, an alien from a distant solar system.

Travis is in a bit of a bind today, he wants a personal robot. Even though he can't afford one, Travis is pretty addicted to gadgets--it doesn't help that he's under pressure from his rich parents and richer neighbors. Despite Alex's protesting, Travis goes off and buys a re-processed robot--which are notorious for flying off the handle at any given moment or time, which isn't that surprising considering they usually consist of parts from serial killers and other nefarious criminals.

Antonio, in his former life, was a notorious outlaw from the United Nations of Cuba, Florida, and California (this is like part of a long, oooold side joke). But as a personal robot, he does fine enough. Dishes, windows, floors--however, his duties certainly didn't include stalking Alex around, alternating between trying to kill him and trying to fuck him. Travis's robot has already flown off the handle, but is this just a dangerous malfunction or is there POSSIBLY some other underlying cause? Or maybe, even 2000 years into the future, you can't trust a 50% sale.

Yup, I'm hoping it will be funny. It'd be more funny if Word stopped fucking with me, but I make due with what I can :P as Travis says at some point, "This sounds like some straight Philip Dick shit," and it really does. But I'm having fun with it, for once not trying to be overly original and ground breaking. I've accepted that sometimes you've...gotta walk on the firm, established land before you go trying to break it. Get it? Analogies...

Well, here goes nuffin' special. I think I'll start posting officially tomorrow, give me time to think of a damn title.

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