July 24, 2008

Black in Amurrr'ca

I wrote this up last night in my LJ and realized I didn't put it here too~duuuh. Anyway, after all I said I'm probably still going to watch the installment tonight just so I can get mad again. I like anger :P

I'm not really going to make a big deal about this...I thought I was because I really wanted to! But nah, there's nothing to make a deal about.

I was going to wait until the show was over but it's about 40 minutes in and I'm tired/annoyed as hell. So far they're really just rehashing the same junk. Seriously, if you watch this and go "I didn't realize that!" you are one of the following:

A) Not black
B) Blind
C) Not in America

As I just told my friend a second ago, CNN needs to actually...get real. So far we're stuck on "black people is broke and don't finish school very much". Alright, raise your hands if you didn't know that. Really, go on, I won't be offended.

I'm not actually complaining...yet. I can't really complain because this show isn't tailored for people like me. People that already KNOW blacks have it rough. And I guess in a way, since it's so obvious to me, it should be obvious to everyone, shouldn't it?

...SHOULDN'T IT? You people watch TV, you think that shit about the ghetto is a joke?! An exaggeration for your goddamn minstrel show?!

*takes blood pressure*

But really, so far they haven't skimmed on anything new and it's irritating/disheartening to me that this same shit gets repeated and repeated. They give facts and problems but no solutions. They're talking to all these safe, harmless house ne--shit, I mean black people and not the real blacks that you or I (or maybe just I) now. Mostly though, I feel like they're overly generalizing. They get too much on the blacks that don't go to college and not enough on the ones that do. There's two sides to every coin guys...

This gets me back to who this show was made for. Who is watching this show? Blacks? Whites? Just curious people? With all these rehashed facts, who is this show tailored for?

Also, yeah black folk have a different physical condition and are susceptible to all kinds of diseaseeees~ no shit Soledad. Oh and these spoken word interludes are annoying as hell.

I guess what's more frustrating to me is that it doesn't feel (yet) like the documentary is getting to what it really means to be black in America. Does it just mean being broke and living in the projects, hiding under your bed so you don't get shot by 5-0 or some gangs? Does it just mean probably dying at 50? Never seeing your father? What is it, Soledad?

Pfft~ if it weren't for those Anderson Cooper commercials...and if I see one more goddamn McDonald's commercial I may just throw myself in front of a car.

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