June 4, 2008


Yup, I finally watched Suspiria. The whole thing, actually, is available on Youtube and in pretty decent quality, sound and visuals.

Anyway, this is my first time sitting through the whole thing, and I must say...well, usually before watching movies as highly regarded as this, I tend to just drop my expectations so I can watch the movie. I wasn't expecting much outside of "pretty girls dying" and that's pretty much what I got :P and there's a witch involved. You can tell Argento just took his flimsy plot and ran with it, and never looked back; it was basically an excuse for him to exercise his DIRECTORIAL MIGHT and just make an interesting piece of art.

That's how I viewed it, by the way, as an...artwork, so to speak, not really a film. Because, seriously, if you go into it expecting a "movie" I do think you'll just sit there and go mad. And it is very artistic, with his startling use of color: the red blood is very vivid, there are certain scenes just enhanced by greens and blues and reds (it seems he stuck mostly to primaries), and if you sit there and try to figure out "wtf why?" you're going to miss the whole point of the movie.

The plot, like I said, is basically a dance school is actually a coven for witches, and anyone who tries to escape or tell about it dies in horrible ways...and our American lead lady Suzy must figure out the mystery and kill the witch before she, too, winds up with an ax somewhere unpleasant. Things happen in this movie that make no sense, but again, trying to view it as a "movie" and nothing else will drive you to madness and that's it. It's like watching Eraserhead and trying to make sense of it.

It's also important to understand that the movie is part of the Three Mothers trilogy that includes Inferno and Mother of Tears, so...you know, that weird plot does get expanded on, elsewhere.

In all, I enjoyed it for what it was. I didn't get all overly critical, and I was genuinely frightened by the soundtrack that almost becomes its own character in certain scenes. So that's another classic movie that didn't totally disappoint :P And now, some of my favorite moments from the movie, screen capped by yours truly! Meaning they're not that great quality...but oh well, such is Youtube.

You'll probably recognize a few of these, such as the heart stabbing and the girl falling in barbed wire (oh lord did that STILL take me by surprise), but I tried to go for some deeper caps too.

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