April 1, 2008

Army recruiters and other such woes

Blah, some of those Army reserve recruitment guys came to my first period today...I really don't like those guys. I'm sure they're very understanding when they look at you like you hate your country for NOT joining the army/navy/wtf ever.

Hm :/ and they all seem to have the same story, which usually includes something about being a failure in school and signing up to ________ to get some perspective on life. 2 years later here they are and having a ball!

Well, wow, you know what, if I need perspective on my life I'll go work at Goodwill or something, joining the Army is a little drastic for me. Plus, I didn't squander my days in high school (no matter how much it feels like it) and I don't plan on whiling the days around in college on government money. You can pay for my college tuition? So can I, Uncle Sam!

It's so irritating. And I hate it when they assume I don't want to be in the army because of the "war/conflict". I could care less about the damn war since I don't necessarily have to GO THERE, the Army just isn't something I want to do! It's not that I hate my country and I don't care, I'm just on a totally different path. And I just can't be convinced to join :/ not to mention I'd probably never get accepted anyway (3 in 10 chance you say?) so why the hell are you still talking to me?

I know they're just doing their job and maybe they genuinely care, but...yeah. I can't just go "STOP BUGGING ME!1!!ONE!" but it'd be really nice.

So that's over...I feel like I've been gaining weight lately as I haven't really worked out much (2 weeks X_X) and I've been eating more lately. I really hate that. I must make a vow to work out AT LEAST SOME (at least 3-4 times a week, 20 minutes min let's aim for?) and I guess I can start today since I'll be up at least until 11. I need to get back on the yoga but I also need to throw some more stuff in there...

The sucky part is I'll have a really intense workout one day and just break for the next 6 XD I have no discipline, army people, look at me! LOOK AT ME!

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  1. I get your point about the army thing. Not everyone is meant to be a soldier.

    Plus, as soon as the election is over (I don't know the Republican stand if they're gonna send home the soldiers from Iraq). Clinton and Obama have said that they'll send the troops home as soon as possible.

    To tell you the truth, I dunno why the soldiers are still there anyway.


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